Winnaars Food Oscars bekend

Bron: Omroep Venlo ( 19 mei 2016 )

In Venlo werden gisteravond de Food Oscars uitgereikt. De films ‘Zijn insecten de kippen van morgen?’ en ‘Safe the waste’ kwamen als winnaars uit de bus.

De film ‘Zijn insecten de kippen van morgen?’ over het eten van insecten won de Food Oscar voor beste inhoud. ‘Safe the waste’, een film over innovatie binnen de voedselsector, mocht de prijs voor beste entertainment in ontvangst nemen. Burgemeester Antoin Scholten en initiatiefnemer Leon Weijs openden de avond.

Internationale studenten van Fontys Venlo maakten de korte films over voedsel. De studenten Fresh Business hebben verschillende thema’s onderzocht, zoals voedselkwaliteit en innovatie in de voedingssector. Met de verzamelde informatie moesten de studenten educatieve films maken, die later gebruikt kunnen worden door bedrijven en scholen.

PROtelINSECT white paper 2016.

Next Edible Insect Seminar & workshop

Next Edible Insect Seminar & workshop June 16 & 17 - register online!

After a successful first and second edition of the workshop in November 2015 and  February 18 2016 a third 2-day edition will be held on June 16 & 17. It will be a 2-day event this time, as it turned out to be too much information for 1 day. This creates the opportunity for more networking, questions and discussion. Read more and register

Special offer for IPIP partners: Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed

15-04-2016. The Journal of Insects as Food and Feed is a peer reviewed scientific journal, published by Wageningen Academic Publishers.

Recognising the need for sustainable alternative protein sources and the potential of edible insects for this purpose, the journal aims to cover the following subjects:
• insect collecting or rearing
• development of technology
• development of protocols for quality control
• food safety
• processing methodologies
• marketing of edible insect products
• consumer acceptance
• regulation and legislation

For more detailed information, please visit


For IPIP partners who are interested in access to the content of this online journal, Wageningen Academic Publishers is pleased to offer a special rate for new corporate subscriptions for the calendar year 2016:

Journal of Insects as Food and Feed
ISSN online 2352-4588
Frequency: four issues/year
Special IPIP partner price: € 300.00

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Congres: 'Insecten, voedsel van de toekomst'

Op 21 januari 2016 vindt het congres: ‘Insecten, voedsel van de toekomst plaats’. Wilt u hierover meer weten of u aanmelden klik dan op onderstaande link.
Congres: ‘Insecten, voedsel van de toekomst’

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) Report, October 2015: ``Risk profile related to production and consumption of insects as food and feed``

Nieuw onderzoek: meelwormen - opschalen in opslaan & conserveren

Noord Limburg: Heart of European Insect Cultivation // Noord Limburg: het kloppende hart van de Europese insectenteelt

New Study: Yang et al. (2015). Biodegradation and Mineralization of Polystyrene by Plastic-Eating Mealworms: Part 1. Environmental Science & Technology, forthcoming.

The bottom line: “Fed with Styrofoam as the sole diet, the larvae lived as well as those fed with a normal diet (bran) over a period of 1 month…The discovery of the rapid biodegradation of PS in the larval gut reveals a new fate for plastic waste in the environment.” (PS = polystyrene, more commonly referred to as styrofoam.)


If you wish to read about this please click on the link down below.

Protix Awarded Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

DONGEN, The Netherlands, August 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -Protix from the Netherlands has been selected as one of the Technology Pioneers 2015 of the World Economic Forum. Every year, after an extensive evaluation, the World Economic Forum selects young fast growing companies from around the world that are involved in the design, development and deployment of new technologies, and that are expected to have a significant impact on business, society and ecology.

(see )


The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)

The FAO supports the use of insects as food and feed, and has an ongoing partnership with Wageningen University in the Netherlands to promote insects as an alternative protein source.

Edible Insects: Future Prospects for Food and Feed Security (2013)

Discussion Paper: Regulatory frameworks influencing insects as food and feed


PROteINSECT is a research and communication project established to study the use of insects in feed and food and to step up the dialogue regarding the business case for an insect sector. The project involves 12 partners from the EU, China, and Africa, and is co-financed by the European Commission. PROteINSECT published a report in July 2015 entitled “PROteINSECT Consensus Business Case Report: Determining the contribution that insects can make to addressing the protein deficit in Europe.”

Changes in EU legislation concerning insects in food and feed are pending the results of research such as that conducted by PROteINSECT. The PROteINSECT report was inconclusive at this time, and the group closed its report with the following statement:

It is worthy of note that the EC-funded PROteINSECT project is working to address the shortfalls in safety and quality data and to assess the current state of both consumer perceptions and production systems. PROteINSECT will be releasing results throughout 2015.

The PROteINSECT report can be downloaded via this link.


Feed Navigator

Daily online news concerning animal feed and nutrition industries. (For specific articles about insects as feed, use the site’s search function.)

All About Feed

Online information source regarding global feed issues, including the development of the insect sector. Print and digital magazine also available. (For speficic articles about insects as food and feed, use the site’s search function.)

Feedipedia is an open access information system on animal feed resources that provides information on nature, occurrence, chemical composition, nutritional value and safe use of nearly 1400 worldwide livestock feeds.

International Platform of Insects for Food and Feed (ipiff)

A trade organization established in 2015 to represent insect breeders’ interests and industry development at the national and regional level.


Makkar, H., Tran, G., Heuzé, V., & Ankers, P. (2014). State-of-the-art on use of insects as animal feed. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 197, 1-33.

Henry, M., Gasco, L., Piccolo, G., & Fountoulaki, E. (2015). Review on the use of insects in the diet of farmed fish: past and future. Animal Feed Science and Technology, 203, p.1-22.

Verbeke, W., Spranghers, T., De Clercq, P., De Smet, S., Sas, B., & Eeckhout, M. (2015). Insects in animal feed: Acceptance and its determinants among farmers, agriculture sector stakeholders and citizens. Animal Feed and Science Technology, 204, 72-87.

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