Vitelia Voeders is an innovative animal feed manufacturing company specialized in feeds for pigs, poultry and cattle. As a cooperative company we take great efforts to ensure a sustainable existence for our customers and owners – the farmers.

The animals in the current husbandry system are performing at a top level with respect to environment, raw material usage, health and economic feasibility. This can only be achieved by well- balanced feeds with all the nutrients the animals need.

We believe in healthy, well-balanced and fairly produced animal feed. With two feed mills in the heart of the Dutch animal husbandry region, we produce with passion for our customers’ animals.

Given the world’s increasing protein demand, alternative protein sources such as insects may provide a solution to meeting this demand. Adding insects or insect protein to animal feed may not only improve protein quality for humans, but also it may contribute to consumer acceptance of the use of insects as a protein source.

Vitelia Voeders is proud to contribute to the process of finding answers to these world-challenging problems.


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