Thielen Consult

Thielen Consult is the partner for companies and organizations in the food and feed chain. Together with our customers we aim to develop safe and fair food and feed. Thielen Consult guides companies through the legal requirements and various processes for certification and registration involved in bringing products to the market, and in complying with new regulations for existing products. By providing these services, Thielen Consult allows its clients – food and feed companies, associations, and foundations - to conduct the business for which they were established. We provide advocacy, organize events, and offer communication advice and support to help our clients stay abreast of industry developments and legislation issues.

In the wild, insects are an important source of protein for birds and other animals. Recently the potential for insects in the diets of humans, pets, and livestock has also been rediscovered. We believe in the added value of insects in the diet. We therefore support companies in realizing legislative and regulatory change with regard to human and animal consumption of insects and insect protein. We believe that insects are an interesting ingredient in global food and feed in that they offer variety and an alternative source of protein.


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