NoviPig Merselo is a young, innovative company that specializes in the breeding of young pigs. The company is located in Merselo/Venray in the province of Noord-Limburg — the center of the protein innovation (EiwitRijk) region of the Netherlands.

In the pursuit of increased sustainability and the optimalization of the production of high-quality protein in pork, NoviPig is developing the world’s most innovative pig stable. In close cooperation with experts from business and research institutions, a pig stable with attention to the following issues is being realized:

* Landscape Design Considerations

* High-quality architecture befitting the natural landscape

* Indoor feed storage

* Welfare:

* Living space 1/3 above the legal requirement

* Solid floor with floor heating

* Ample access to sunlight

* Climate control system that prevents drafts and heat stress

* Environment

* Significant reduction of the emission of ammonia, odor, particulates, and endotoxins using innovative techniques

* Energy supply reduction through heat recovery, water pumps, air conditioning, and solar panels

* Closing cyclic processes in the use of energy and materials

* The choice to provide both dry and moist foods allows for the use of regionally produced raw materials

In the context of providing sustainable protein, NoviPig is also involved in the Insect Protein Innovation Platform. We are convinced that “new protein” will be an increasingly important issue given the growing global demand for protein. Insect protein offers new prospects in this regard – economic, social, and perhaps also health-related benefits.

Diederik Nijenhuis, Owner

Eric Michels: +31 (0) 6 57320516

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