Newtricious R&D is a Dutch Life Sciences company that develops the new generation clinically proven food ingredients and specialized nutrition. It is Newtricious’ mission to contribute to a better world, through the development and valorisation of unique scientific knowledge on products for the prevention and early treatment of chronic illnesses. Our domain is when it is still too early for medicines, but with an urgent need for intervention – based on scientifically proven health benefits.

Via well-designed clinical studies that meet pharma standards, Newtricious is working towards securing regulatory health claims (EFSA, FDA, FOSHU) in almost all of its’ development programs. Newtricious R&D established an interesting portfolio of Intellectual Property: patented products for eye health, vascular health and a promising pipeline in the area of brain health. The two leading development products of Newtricious are MacuView® for eye health and NewtriFlow® for vascular health.


For the prevention of diabetes.

NewtriFlow® is a natural ingredient based on an enzymatically hydrolyzed protein from egg white.

It has been developed for early intervention in Metabolic Syndrome and for the prevention of diabetes. NewtriFlow® will be available as an ingredient and will also be available as a ‘finished product’ in various formulations.

NewtriFlow® has demonstrated very promising effects on the maintenance of vascular health in in-vitro experiments and in animal studies. Three placebo-controlled, double-blind, clinical studies have been conducted in co-operation with renowned universities and hospitals.


For preventing and treating of Macular Degeneration.

MacuView® is an all natural dairy-drink to stop the progression of AMD and to improve vision in healthy people. Age-related Macular

Degeneration (AMD) is the most common cause of visual impairment in the Western countries. MacuView® is a combination of egg-yolk and dairy. All-natural ingredients, including the macular carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, and the omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA, are transferred from special feed into the egg yolk in a unique way by barn chickens. MacuView® is available as a very tasteful drink and as a dissolvable powder, which can be easily reconstituted to a drink. A ready-to-market concept has already been established, which was tested during a marketing pilot the last 12 months in the Netherlands which resulted in a significant market share and high repeat frequency (75% last 12 months).

Newtricious aims for strategic partnerships with commercial companies in key regions and countries (B2B) including Europe, Japan and the USA.


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