Houbensteyn Groep is active in food and energy production. Our food production involves rearing pigs from embryos to adults; green energy – heat and electricity – is produced from pig manure and feed offal.

An important part of our work at Houbensteyn is closing the energy cycle. When this is done well, the result is little economic waste and fewer environmental emissions. In addition, animal welfare and happiness form the basis of good production results.

The breeding of insects as an alternative protein source ties into the effort to close the raw materials loop. For example, insects feed on manure and convert it quickly to protein. After being treated, the insects can then be fed to livestock. The livestock in turn produce protein for food and feed, as well as manure for the insects, and the cycle is complete. Another advantage of the use of insect protein in feed is a decreased reliance on soy products, most of which are imported in the Netherlands from South America.

Protein is a scarce resource. Developing alternative protein sources will be imperative to meeting future global protein demands.

Martin Houben, Director


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