Poultry is one of the better animal proteins when it comes to the environment. The carbon footprint of poultry farming is substantially lower than that of the livestock. However, this footprint must be reduced even further and animal welfare improved. One way to do both is through animal feed. In Europe, we are currently importing much of this feed from South America in the form of soybeans, a crop with devastating effects to the rain forest and environment. The foundation Natuur en Milieu (Nature and Environment) has called for local, sustainable soybean production as well as the use of alternative protein sources such as algae and insects in feed for livestock and poultry. The question in the poultry industry is how we can best produce sustainable protein, with as a starting point eliminating the use of soy. Given that insects are a natural food source for chickens, their use in poultry feed would seem to be a healthy and sustainable alternative. Het Pluimhuis is involved in IPIP because we are committed to improving animal welfare and reducing the environmental impact of farming and egg production, and we believe that using insects in feed could be a positive development for our poultry and our planet.

Ruud Zanders, Owner


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