The Top 5 High Rated Movies With Real Sex Involved In It!

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Movies are made to entertain people. It’s a simple display of acting on the screen to make it real. We often hear about actors performing the stunts by themselves to give a realistic effect in the movie then why not sex?

Sometimes directors need movies with real sex and the actors do say yes to these kinds of things. If you are confusing it with porn then you are wrong. Porn and the movies with sex are two different aspects of the entertainment as well as industry.

When it originated and came into play, it wasn’t well accepted but with time people have acknowledged it well. The storyline of the script sometimes needs reality in the act which brings the need for the sexual aspect crucial.

Below are the 5 top movies involving sex in real that you can watch!


The movie involved some great actors like Peter O’ Toole and Helen Miller and completely explicit in sex scenes. It has some sex scenes that were very much for the viewers.

A thought of Ecstasy

This 2017 movie involved a lot of uncensored sex, exposed body parts, and adult content. The Rolf Peter Kahl movie is an erotic journey of a couple.

Little ashes

The Robert Pattinson starring movie has a clear masturbation scene that required real expressions. Hence, the movie was real.


The movie involves a lot of uncensored sex scenes involving a lot of vaginas and penis exposure. The sex scenes were very exclusive and enticing.

The brown bunny

This movie is a must-watch for those who are into oral sex encounters. The sex scenes between Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny are worth watching.
These movies with real sex are not a fixed list but it depends on your personal choice.