Anxieties about First Sex

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As you are now growing bigger must have watched tube pornstars to satisfy yourself. But in your mind, you must have some fear and unanswered questions in mind regarding sex. These questions cannot be asked in general to the public. So here I would guide you and try to answer some of your questions regarding first-time sex.

Will you and your Partner will get Orgasm?

When you and your partner finally figuring out how to proceed. You may have some of the fantasies in mind regarding sex as you may have watched many times in movies, videos. But do not worry at all they all are trained actors. You may not be perfect for the first time but you do your best.

For maximum people, first-time sex can be awkward and can be uncomfortable for both of you.

You will also be nervous, and that is very natural. You might have been thinking whether you will get an orgasm or not. But do not worry without reaching your orgasm also you will find it enjoyable. It might also lead to a way to meet you and your partner more often.

Fear of Pregnancy?

There are rumors in society that one cannot get pregnant when she will have her first-time sex. But these are false rumors. If you have started your periods you and if you are in your fertile stage you will easily get pregnant. Taking birth control pills is advisable for this problem. You can also talk to your partner before you have your first-time sex.

I hope I have answered some of your important questions regarding first-time sex.