The Innovation Centre Greenport Venlo is the driver of innovation in the region and a network partner for the development of innovative concepts, products, and services for entrepreneurs in the Venlo region. It was founded by nine partners and is run by four entrepreneurs, in cooperation with various organizations and networks. Programme managers work on projects in the field of Agrifood, Logistics, Industry, and Biobased products, mainly with SMEs (small-medium enterprises). One of these SMEs is Vivara. Greenport Venlo, Vivara, and others are working together to investigate the opportunities related to insect production for food and feed. (Additional information concerning such projects is available on the Innovation Centre Greenport website under Biobased Economy.) Widespread use of insect protein in both the food and feed industries is still pending further testing and legislative approval, but insect protein appears to be a promising alternative to soy and other proteins in animal feed, and also holds great potential in the food industry – for example, as one of the possible solutions to the future global protein shortage.


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